About us

We are a body of believers located in the foothills of eastern Kentucky. 

Our doctrinal statement

1. The Bible is the infallible Word of God and our final rule of faith and practice.


2. There is one God who is a spirit and exists in three equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


3. Jesus is God’s Son. He lived a sinless life. His death, burial, and resurrection made atonement for the sins of those who trust in Him.


4. The Holy Spirit is a personal being who convicts of sin. He regenerates, sanctifies, and comforts those who believe in Jesus Christ.


5. God created the universe in six literal days. Genesis 1-11 gives an accurate and true account of Creation.


6. Man was created in holiness but disobeyed God and became a sinner. All mankind is now sinful by nature and choice.


7. Salvation is by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ. It is a free gift that cannot be earned or deserved. Sinners must repent of sin and believe in Christ. This will result in a changed life marked by good works.


8. God is sovereign over all His creation, including salvation. He has chosen His people from before the foundation of the world. This is the basis for all assurance of salvation and excludes all boasting.


9. After salvation, the process of sanctification is carried out in the heart of the believer by the power of the Holy Spirit.


10. True believers in Christ are kept by His power and will endure in their faith forever.


11. A church is a local, visible group of baptized believers covenanted together to carry out the Great Commission. The two local church ordinances are believers’ baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The church is independent and answers to no authority but Christ.


12. Baptism is by immersion in water of a believer to picture the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. It is a prerequisite to church membership.


13. The Lord’s Supper is a memorial of the Lord’s death, the bread symbolizing His broken body and the fruit of the vine symbolizing His blood. It should be preceded by salvation, baptism, local church membership, and self-examination.


14. It is the duty of Christians to share the gospel with their family, friends, and neighbors, as well as support world-wide missions in cooperation with other churches of like faith.